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People ask me all the time where I am from. It’s an increasingly hard question to answer. Technically, I am literally from the state where I live now - but I moved away when I was 3 and have only lived here in this iteration for 4 months. Prior to that I lived in Chicago, but I don’t consider myself to be “from” there - I did my PhD there. I went to undergrad in Oregon. I grew up in Northern California. My parents live in a state where I never lived (bc they moved after my freshman year in college). Growing up, I spent many of my summers in New Hampshire.

I have family on the west coast, in Hawaii, in the DC area, in the south, in the flyover states, in Michigan, on the east coast - and some Australian relatives. I have an uncle who rarely stays still.

My glib response (that I developed very recently) is that I have lived on both coasts and in the middle. But I have no idea where I am from. I consider home to be wherever my cats live - so that is here.


On occasion I get asked where I am from - as in, what my familial background is. I am half from an exceptionally white and liberal country - and half from a country of gypsies that no longer exists. I look like the former for the most part, but the latter is definitely a part of me.

Do people ask you where you are from? For those of you for whom that question is complex - how do you respond?

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