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Where did my weekend go? -Inane Listicle

-It's tiring being around people. Even people I like

-Friday night dinner with friends in NYC in Queens then crashed on their air mattress. Learned an important lesson: Do not do lunges and squats workout then sleep on air mattress my legs were wildly unhappy on Saturday.

-Cockroach in the very nice Japanese restaurant in Queens. Ew. Did I mention I was barefoot in the restaurant because they have you take of your shoes. Again ew.


-Having friends with money is weird sometimes. At dinner they got a stock update, I'm excited when after all the bills are paid there's money in the account. However super nice and generous and never ever make us feel bad. Also free dinner!

-Saturday fondue at someone's house and how have I never had fondue before. It's pure cheese! With bread! Om nom nom.

-Won 50 bucks in poker! Haven't played Hold 'em in a couple years and thought I'd be rusty.

-Had breakfast with some awesome ladies which was great because I haven't done "girl time" in forever.


-Now a couple hours of "me" time on the computer then laundry at my parent's and seeing my brother for his birthday. He's 14 and I'm not happy about it. He's supposed to be 4. We need to do a big sister's open thread one of these days.

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