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Where do you get your shiny?

I’m trying to find some jewelry. I own a few small pendants, but lately I’m coveting large statement necklaces and rhinestones earrings. I’m generally trying to look more ‘put together’, which has mostly just meant grooming my nails and eyebrows and throwing out clothes will holes in them so I’m not tempted to wear them out.

Anyways, I’m not very aware of online options. I try to buy my clothes local when I can, but my budget is definitely not going to allow that when it comes to jewelry.


I’ve taken a look through ModCloth and rosegal offerings (although rosegal seems to have a sort of sketchy reputation.) A few months ago I remember someone linking to a cool site that was sort of like an online dollar store with fun jewelry but I couldn’t track down the name of it now.

So, where you get your shiny from? Especially any relatively inexpensive, yet over the top shiny!

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