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Where Is Shirley Manson's Heir-Apparent?

I was just thinking about this the other day, and then today's Dave Holmes article in NYMag mentioned it, too. I am so ready for the grass roots, garage-band backlash against all this dance music and steady beats and DJs-Taking-Credit-for-Vocalists shite. Where is the next Shirley Manson? Or Tori Amos? or Early Gwen Stefani? Lorde seems to be the next Fiona Apple, and that's a start, but she needs a little help to solidify the movement. Come on, ladies. Who wants to kick a little ass? Right now, I'm sort of hoping that ZZ Ward catches on, even if her Adele-&-Amy-Winehouse influences are obvious. Who else can step in and rock the F out?

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