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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have STILL not found a psychiatrist that can get me in before my daughter arrives in December. The search began in mid-June. No luck over a month later. I saw a quack who really upset me (new provider, my OB isn’t referring to her anymore). My OB is completely pissed and is pretty sure we will be able to get an opening SOMEWHERE, but I’m starting to freak the fuck out. I did find a GREAT therapist. That I am so, so thankful for but I need to get back on meds the day after she is born not 3-4 weeks after. By then I am sure things will be really really bad.


I’ve called everywhere. NO ONE has an opening. Community mental health services are not an option because the contract organization here is our contract org for mental health and substance abuse services. So, professionally, I’m prohibited from going there without getting the okay of my boss and probably even our deputy director. Since I don’t really want to have that conversation and, quite frankly, my OB thinks they aren’t a good option for me anyhow, I’m out of options.

My OB will prescribe me an SSRI if need be but she, like me, would rather get me into a provider long-term. My therapist says he’s going to see what he can do. I pray he finds someone.

How long did it take you to find someone? What was the magic trick?

And honestly, any vents are welcome here. If you need to find someone and are coming up short, I’m SO SO sorry. Let’s commiserate.

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