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Where my Wrimos at? (NaNoWriMo Open Thread)

I've mentioned this in a couple of comments, but I'm currently at about 750 3000 words (as of 5pm here). Which is, um, not the 15K I'm supposed to have by the end of the day. Oops.

Anyway, I know it's still early for most of you, but if anyone wants to write a lot (or even a little) today, that's what I plan on doing. Join me! Join me in writing as much as you can! Join me in making fun of my word count! Post updates and stuff like that! (If anyone cares, this is me on the site and on twitter.)

There's an official Marathon Day today as well, and the Word Sprints twitter is pretty much always on the go.


And have some writing music. Just don't get distracted and go watch the movie, even though it's awesome. (There is a distinct possibility that I will become Ana Pascal sometime in the next ten years. Minus the tax evasion.)

Everyone who isn't NaNo-ing today... um, just yell at me when I show up somewhere else.

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