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After reading this post, I was pleasantly surprised to find so many writers on Jezebel. Of course, this should have been a "No Doy!" moment, but I keep forgetting that in this day and age, writing is rarely a full-time gig unless you are already successful.
So, in spirit of camaraderie, let's talk about what we're writing!Here are some questions to get the ball rolling:

1. What's your day job?

2. What genre do you write?(Sci-Fi, Dystopian Parable, YA,Civil War Erotica, etc.)


3.What are you writing right now?

4.How do you write?

5.What are your literary influences?

Edit: Another Doy Moment: I forgot to add my own input.

1. My day job is as an office assistant and caregiver at a nursing home, both jobs are part time and temporary.


2.I write within a lot of genres, but the one I enjoy writing the most is children's lit.I like how simple it is to write, and how silly you are allowed to get.

3.The last story that I completed was a series of vignettes about an elf and a bear that lived in the forest.I am working on a sequel simply for fun. What can I say? I like my characters and want to write more about them.


4. I try and write a story that I would enjoy reading as a youngster, and go off from there.It also helps for me to draw scenes as I write so that I can imagine moments more clearly.

5.Winnie The Poo, Anne of Green Gables, Little Bear (in all it's incarnations), A Little Princess, Fairy Tales.