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Since we seem to be a great and (geographically) varied people, I figure some prelim research from Real People would help me steer some future research on where I want to live.


So BellaFella and I both don’t want to live here any longer than necessary. I’ve live here my whole life, except when I went away to college. I like to get out and do things, I like warm weather and hate cold weather. Since I live close to a very small city, I’m very limited on things to do. I’ve also lived here for a long time. I want something new. I like to travel, I like to see new places, etc. BellaFella doesn’t like it here for the same reasons. Since he’s only lived here about 9 months, he’s not tied here at all.

We have a Major Decision coming up in the next 5 months. He’ll get out of the military (most likely) and I just left my job and am starting a new one in the next few months. I can work remotely. He wants to go back to school... or something. We have a lot of other decisions to make, but none of them will put us staying here. Yes, we have already decided and subtly (and not-so-subtly) suggested that our future will be together. He told me a few times last week that ‘we need to make plans. Like, what we want to do, where we want to go... plans a,b,c... stuff like that... so we can start working towards them’


He’s from Texas and has lived a few places. I’m from Here and have traveled a bit, but only ever lived here and in VA for college. So far, our list of places includes:

-Texas (probably the Dallas/Ft Worth area)
-California (I think somewhere in the middle alone the coast? He lived near Travis and liked it)
-Hawaii (not going to happen, but damn, I wish)


So have any of you lived in those areas? Do you think there’s a great place we should consider living? Cost of living can’t be crazy high as we’ll most likely have 1.5 incomes for a while. I want mostly warm weather, not Mid-Atlantic winter weather. I dont’ mind being in a conservative place as I am strong in the eye rolling. Thank you GT for your help!!

Edit:Gratuitous pic of my Jax as thank you. He was regal while supervising me scooping the yard this week...

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