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And why don’t I know these things? I want to get an adult, non-shitty couch and my budget is roughly $1500-1700. I’m looking at West Elm’s site because I generally like that mid-century look, but they are on the pricey side unless I do something ridiculous like get a couch without arms (which sounds perfect for that room my grandmother had where you weren’t allowed to touch anything). Plus my old roommate had one and I hated it.

Is IKEA universally shitty quality, or just shitty when you are a broke new adult and choose cheap things? Because I like the way their stuff looks, but the furniture I've had from there is....ooof. But it was dirt cheap is there more expensive stuff better?

Ideally I want a small sectional but that may be a pipe dream. I have basically no decorating theme or color scheme because this will be our first purchase for the living room that would move us out of the hodge-lodge of furniture we collected in our 20s. I want a cute couch that will last long and be comfortable (I know, weird how I want to sit on a couch!).

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