I buy most of my adulting clothes at Ann Taylor or Banana Republic. I have 5 or 6 suits at this point, and an abundance of blouses, but what I really need is more slacks for the days I don't have to wear a full suit.

NO PANTS EVER FIT ME. All the slacks in my closet, actually all the slacks I have ever tried on have the same problem: in order for them to not look obscenely tight in the hips/butt, I have to go up a size* and then they are gaping around the waist band. And this is not cool because then my shirt comes untucked, or the pantyhose I'm wearing under my pants show when I sit down, or I try and wear a belt and all I get is a paper bag effect and it's JUST NOT CUTE.

So, ladies, where do you buy your work slacks?

*I'm 5'3; size 2-4; hourglass shaped.