(sorry for second post tonight but WHATEVERRRR). I order a lot of clothes online, but I am REALLY having problems here. I live in New Orleans where usually I just wear all of my lightweight jackets at one time for three weeks and then winter is over. But last year was bad, this year is supposed to be bad, plus I'm going to Indiana...I need a damn coat.

I like pea coats and trench coats, stylistically, which are easy to find, but: I am in that magical sweet spot between regular and plus sizes, AND I am kind of a petite frame. So all the coats I have been trying to order online are basically assuming I'm either a giant, or the build of a husky prepubescent boy. Like, either the sleeves are 8 inches too long, and the shoulders don't fit on me (NO EXAGGERATION - I'M SENDING A MODCLOTH ONE BACK WITH THIS EXACT PROBLEM), or there is no chance it will ever button over my boobs.

I am not an abnormal build. typically, but WHAT IS IT WITH COATS?! I never have a sleeves-too-long problem. I rarely have a shoulders-too-big problem. Usually, if I get the right size, I can fit my boobs in whatever I'm wearing. But I am having this problem so I need either a website or store that has a good selection because I'm starting to panic, as I have to go to Nowhereland, Indiana on the 20th.

Since I have never had to buy a real coat, I don't really even know where to start. I need the place to offer plus sizes, which gives me a lot of anxiety when I go Real Life Shopping (which is why I stick to online mostly).

I don't have a bazillion dollars to spend but I would throw down $100-$150 for a good quality coat if it came down to it.

Help, oh ye of coldweather knowledge.