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Wherein I Bitch About a Petty Thing

So, we all know that I am a knitter/crocheter. Cool. I belong to a stitch and botch that meets the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of every month at a local library. It is a very small circle of regulars-It’s usually 4-6 of us and we chit chat and talk about yarn and help each other. But we get a lot of peopl who are just learning and wander in for help and some camaraderie. Now three of us have emerged as group “instructors”(Mostly, we were willing to set our own projects aside and help newcomers without rolling our eyes) The lady who set up the group does lace like an angel and is often working with very very small gauge lace weight yarns and creating beautiful lace shawls. She also crochets, though doesn’t prefer to. She is the go to or lace type patterns. One lady has been knitting/crocheting since WW2(she’s Brittish originally and showed us all pictures one stitch n bitch of her just GORGEOUS and young and knitting at the bedside of a very handsome soldier in traction. We all ribbed her until she told us that she could barely talk to this French artillery guy, she made him socks at his bedside because she thought he was cute. He got better and she gave him some socks and he asked her to marry him- boom, been married since like 1944. Now we only rib her to bring him in :D) , and literally knows everything about both- she is the group guru and people line up to have her diagnose their personal finer questions. I’m the resident “in the round” helper- color work and hats and what all, plus any lingering crochet questions I almost always have a color work project like my mitts


on my needles, so people tend to come to me with Fair Isle type questions. ( ok- that picture is just a braggy, look at the mitts I’m making and not relevant to the story At All)

ANYHOW. It’s a small group, and a solid percentage of us are there to help newbs as much as we are there to knit. And one of our REGULARS, like she is there most meet up times and a deft hand at crochet- she normally is a great crochet helper- she spent the ENTIRE MEET UP ON THE PHONE.

And, we all started by shooting her nasty looks.


And then it was politely asking her to take it


and then I finally snapped


And told her she needed to not be on the phone in the meet up. It wasn’t fair to the people who had come specifically for help on their projects. So she could go ahead and GTFO until her conversation was done. And then she started crying and calling me a bully! Note- I never actually used the phrase GTFO- I was just the only only one to ACTUALLY say- hey, not cool man- take it outside. I seriously wasn’t even mean. But I will be next time. You mark my words!

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