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Welcome To The Bitchery

Let me preface this by saying, annoying as they are sometimes, My brothers in law are good people with multitudes of redeeming characteristics.


They are both Canadian Trump fans. One is just a staunch conservative and the other just never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like.


I am currently making a point of refusing to discuss any of this stuff with either of them, much to thier shagrin, but I have noticed that they have tandemly adopted the habit of accusing everyone who does disagree with them of watching CNN.




Thats the insult. Without fail.

Which. Ok. First of all, who watches CNN? No. You watch the Daily Show or John Oliver, like a normal millennial, or you read news on your smartphone.


But I can’t say that because

1. I’m not engaging,


2. It’s actually not that great of a retort if someone’s like “Durrrr, you watch CNN” and you’re all “Indeed not Sir, I obtain all of my news from comedy programming, as do the majority of my peers!”


Anyway, what's the stupidest insult you've ever heard?

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