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So this happened today with my office crush:

I walked out of the kitchen and saw ManCandy a little bit ahead of me in the hallway, he turned to say something to my other co-worker who was passing him and saw me. He walked a few more steps and stopped in front of the little white board that hangs in the hallway that usually lists any team meetings/people out sick. As I approached I looked at him to make eye contact and say 'hi' (about the max of our interactions so far, and usually he has acknowledged me before)....and he didn't look up and instead stared intently on the white board... that didn't have that much information on it... Is this odd? Should I have been all "Heeeyyy!!"?? If he had looked up and said "hi" I might even sallied back with some stupid inane comment, like I do, like I would do with anyone else, but I'm not about to break into someone's reverie. Instead, I just continued down the hallway at a casual pace - didn't quite sashay but you know, I didn't walk at my usual rapid pace... it just seems odd.

But, is there anything to decipher in this? was this some random thing? These are things that I want to understand that I feel like I have trouble understanding in adult man-woman interactions. I mean, I haven't been really trying to interact with him b/c he's not available but usually when I've run into him in the hallway it's been a friendly but muted 'hey', so this felt weird to me.


*Footnote: ManCandy also has a really bad limp although it's not really noticeable unless you are walking behind him (as I was). I haven't figured it out what is exactly wrong with him but it doesn't seem to hinder his ability to walk rapidly, nor is it noticeable from a forward approach. So, I think he is somewhat self conscious (as you would be) and that may be why he stopped, but to not say hi? hmm...I hope I haven't done anything to annoy him. :(

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