Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

HEY GUYS. Resident Capybara Kaiserawesome here. Currently not feeling like a Capybara in an Onsen with oranges. Mostly just posting as I find it helpful to make me feel better by writing down my feelings.

List of things currently bothering me:

1) Clinic work

2) Upcoming move to other side of the country

3) Fear of being bad with money

4) Taking on anxiety of the Baron's situation (he's going to Europe for a few months- trying to get out of an apartment with an alcoholic roommate)


5) Gigantic fear of not having a social life in NOLA

6) Gigantic fear of fucking up my job in NOLA

7) The Bar Exam.

8) Needy client

9) Fear of the Baron not being able to get into Tulane or choosing to stay in DC

10) Handling going back to a long distance relationship for 3 months in a new city


11) Classmates outing me to my family at graduation

12) Dealing with my batshit crazy aunt at my super liberal DC graduation


List of things I should actually feel bad about:


That is all. Thank you for reading. Here is more of my people:

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