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Fuck it friday: the answer!

Shiny red robot, Misfittoy and I have declared: LET IT BE FUCK IT FRIDAY!

My fuck it friday? I'm burned out from this whole week. I forgot my meds (thyroid) twice this week so I'm a bit more tired and more emotional than average, not too mention all the other happenings of this week.

Now I'm supposed to go to a party tonight with my lady-friends. But I'm going to an entertainment park tomorrow morning where I'll be ALL day (until close to midnight because it's Fright Night yay!).
I really don't want to go to the party and I'm a grumpy grump. Stupid techno with stupid people and it's totally sold out so it'll be royally busy, sweaty and gross. Not too mention I won't be able to drink my way through the night (rollercoasters + hangover = no) and my friends are probably going to take a little summin summin but I don't want to due to said emotional and tired state. That's just a recipe for DISASTER.
If I didn't like my friends so much I'd just peace-out but I won't because 1. I have the tickets and 2. They'd be super super disappointed because we haven't been out together in over a year and this took quite some arranging. Sad. So I'll probably go, drink a few beers and THEN peace out but it's such a waste of a ticket & money, and money is scarce enough and I'll spend the whole night (we won't be going there until midnight) waiting until I can go to my friends house and crash in his guest bedroom.

In closing : IM GRUMPY and I wanna just stay here at work and play silent hill that my colleague brought or chill out in my PJs on friends couch >:(



Original : PLZ bring it! So I can wildly complain about unimportant matters to my hearts content!

I know, wait patiently and it'll come. I don't want to be patient damnit! Unreasonable is my middle name!!

Let's gif it out (or share what you're doing, that'll work too)


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