Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I apparently have moved to an area that despite several grocery stores in the immediate area has no health/natural/organic food market. This is in the DC metro area. How can this be?!? My closest grocery stores are sorely lacking in variety in the produce section or are crazy expensive. There is also no gym that has personal trainers available and no ballroom dance studios. These three items were crucial to me maintaining a healthy lifestyle in my former small midwestern city.

I like where I live, like the neighborhood, its centrality to all the places I must drive to for work, the access to the Metro station, the low(er) rent, but access to a natural foods store, trainer, and dance studio just might trump all of this and make me move once my lease is up.


What are your "must haves" when deciding on a neighborhood in which to live?

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