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Welcome To The Bitchery

If you’re not aware, Warren put up a student loan debt calculator. You can put in some general info and it’ll tell you how much will get cancelled. I put mine in and it said I would be debt-free. But basically the ceiling is 50k for anyone making less than 150k. On the last page she explains this will be paid for with a tax on the ultra wealthy.

Bernie wants to pay it all off for everyone. Which is great. He just doesn’t have the specifics Warren has.

I saw nothing but dudes bashing Warren for having no detailed plans, even though she ALWAYS had plans. But that wasn’t enough for them. It’s never enough.


Meanwhile I don’t see anyone demanding detailed plans from either Bernie or Biden. When men make lofty promises, we believe them. Like how millions in this country believed Trump’s lies about how he was going to help the middle class and “get corruption out of Washington.” Meanwhile Trump lied about all kinds of random shit publicly for decades. But if the Man says a Thing, you better believe him.

I’ve also already seen people claim Warren’s debt forgiveness will be a tax on the middle class. Even though she literally says the opposite on her website. They work at misrepresenting women.

I’m honestly just tired of men and their OBVIOUS hypocrisy. They hate when women reach for power. And I’m tired of tip-toeing around their feelings about it too. All they care about is that the president has a dick.

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