I need cute or soothing or a free massage! Today was a bit insane. I had a 9:30am appt, but got there twenty minutes early (cuz no traffic) and luckily snagged food with time to get back in time for my appt.

Went to the store because some good friends were coming over with their infant and toddler. Repairs were being done at their place they needed a refuge and we needed adult/kid foods. So grilled burgers and hot dogs it was!

Then furious baby proofing happened.

They showed up and it was several hours of playing with the toddler taking things out of the infant's mouth and reach cuz he's at what my family affectionately calls the 'baby hoover' stage. Really cute, but really busy. Towards the end of their visit both parents fell asleep while I watched the kids. This is a good thing because long back story I'm not willing to share publicly. And they're like family, I told them I fully expect them to return the favor if we manage to have kids!

During the communal nap mrchien got a sad phone call about an unexpected death of a former colleague. He held it together while they were here. But is now ensconced in the office playing video games. It's his second loss in six months.

It's almost 6pm and I've picked up, but now I'm wiped out! We're trying to reset our sleep schedules, so I'm going to try and stay awake...but, it's going to be hard. Oh and TMI but I'm having bad pms with sore boobs this time around :(


So anyone else have the opposite of a lazy afternoon?