Now that it's 5 am and I'm 4 (or 5?) beers in, and I just sat through the entire Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate because I didn't fully get it through it the first time, I'm gonna go the fuck to sleep.

I gotta ask the editor if I still have the rights to my shit, if so I'll post it here. I've pissed off too many editors of my school's paper (and, uh, of other papers and magazines) so I'd like to have this one at least, sort of be ok with me. For a bit anyway.

Meanwhile my entire conversation with my friend, who's in school for physics and already saw the debate, the whole time I was watching it can be summed up as:

Matter can't produce life? O.o But you can't...create...matter...


Oh for fuck's sake evolution =/= improvement. It's fucking adaptation. IF FISH BECAME BLIND IT'S FUCKING EVOLUTION.

He needs to not speak. Ever.

I enjoy Bill Nye's bowties.

Yes, we should totally go scuba diving.

You can see the decline into insanity. Goodnight GT.