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I was not admitted. My repeat tilt table test was this afternoon, and I will give a candy bar (or granola bar, or a...hmm. A sugar-free wafer cookie bar) to whomever can guess my blood pressure. Two and a half days off of my meds. (Four to keep my BP up. That's all you get for a clue.)

I survived, but in large part because the tech is so nice and is really good at distracting me. I didn't cry at all this time! I did start to collapse just once, and I was spiking and dipping like I always do. I was the tech's last patient, and lives right by me, so he was like "I can take you home," and I took him up on it. He'd been trying to find ways to get me there without having to pay, and I was much more comfortable with him than with my new BFF cabbie (did I tell you guys that story? I don't think I did. It was weird and uncomfortable).


I came home and ate ALL THE NACHOS because I'm going to be sick for a few days, so may as well get that out of the way first. Otherwise, I'll be eating my bland diet and whining for like four days. It was in the name of health, because salt.

This time, the results will go right to my neuro. Before, they were going from the tech to a doctor who's never seen me, back to the tech, and then to my neuro. I'm so dizzy and sound drunk, plus I'm drooling. Roomie is leaving at dark o'clock to go to Chicago tomorrow, and I'm not up for going grocery shopping. I hope she'll pick up a few things for me at the store. If she can't, I can ask a friend tomorrow. Roomie got a brand new crazy-ass blender, and I want to use it to make smoothies.

Thank you for all the good thoughts and gifs.

Well, shit. I thought I'd posted this like two hours ago. Was talking to PollyPapa. (He's my hero! For real. Someday I'll write about him, because he and his family are absolutely amazing.)


ETA: BP was 70/54

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