The earlier post on Books vs iPad got me thinking that I really want a tablet. Now, I AM NOT an Apple chick. I'm 100% Android and will not switch teams. So do any of you lovelies out there have recommendations on which Android tablet is the best?

Here's a list of what activities I want to be able to do:
1) Groupthinking
2) Shopping
3) Random Internetting
4) Candy Crushing (if I can ever beat this damn level!!!)
5) Book Reading

I'd prefer a tablet with WiFi capabilities and I think I want at least 8 inches (that's what she said) For your recommendations, I offer you this elephant using a tablet:

ETA: Apparently using the phrase First World Problems hurt someone's fee fees. Therefor I have erased it from the original post. Sorry to anyone else who might have taken offense to that.