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Which booby cup enhancers are best for this situation?

I figured one of y'all would know.

I'm addicted to Target and bought this suit right here, only to find out that the cups are too big and I absolutely love it so I have to come up with a solution. I found "Bikini Buddies" online but don't know what size to get. For reference, I wear a 30C (that is a bra size - it is rare, but it's the one that fits by far the best, and I think it's kinda analogous to a 32B). This swimsuit is XS. Please solve my problem! It's too ridiculously cute and I can't go back on estrogen birth control JUST for boobs (my OB/GYN said that's a ridiculous idea).


ETA, that is TOTALLY not me, obvs, because she has boobs.

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