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Which books get priority?

We live in a smallish place, and with our family expanding we don't have room for all of our books. My husband and I both love books but have different types of collections. Most of my books are works of fiction by authors that I love. Most of his books are beautiful coffee table type art books that are souvenirs of museums and other places he's visited around the world. He thinks that because his books are beautiful objects they should make it onto our limited shelf space, and since my books can just as easily be enjoyed as ebooks, we should box them up or get rid of them. I think we should each get a bookcase to do with as we please, and whatever's left should get boxed up or stored in the basement, since in a few years we will reclaim the nursery as an office for ourselves (or possibly move to a bigger place).

I see the logic in what he says, but I have an emotional attachment to these books— for some of these authors I've read everything they've written and I've been collecting these books for 20+ years.

He's not going to make me get rid of any of my books so this isn't a huge conflict, but I'm wondering what others think. Am I being silly for wanting these books on the shelf? I don't even have a lot of time for reading these days and some of them, like the YA fiction of Madeleine L'Engle, I haven't read in a long time and probably won't pick up again until my son is old enough to enjoy them.

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