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Which Celebrity do you irrational love and which do you hate?

Time to bring some life into GT! I irrationally hate Rachael Ray. Her personality is very "on" and she constantly talks over people and cuts them off on her talk show.

I also hate Clinton Kelly from What not to Wear. He is pretty horrible to women and very body shaming. Like WOC and women in general need a privileged white man to tell them how to be successful in life by dressing well *eye roll*.

I hate Alex Trebek. He is so snotty to many of the contestants on Jeopardy. It has gotten so bad with his little snide remarks and rudeness, my husband refuses to watch Jeopardy anymore.


As for irrationally love? I think Queen Latifah is amazing. I loved her in Living Single. And she is genuinely kind to people on her talk show. She is a class act.

I also really love Keri Russell. Anything she is in. She is super cute and I imagine she is like the woman she played in Waitress IRL.

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