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Which clothing item are you most picky about?

Usually when it comes to clothes I’m not that picky. As long as it fits, is comfortable, and is appropriate for work or school, I’m fine. However, when it comes to my socks I’m super picky.

My sock criteria

1. They have to be black. I haven’t worn non-black socks since I was in high school with the exception of a few of the thicker fuzzy socks I use when it’s too cold to go barefoot at home.


2. They have to be invisible or liner socks. I hate socks that go above my ankle.

3. They can’t have a lot of strings from embroidery on the inside. I bought Puma socks, and they had dozens of strings inside from the logo. Each time I put on a sock one of my toes would catch a thread. It was annoying.

4. Lastly, they can’t be thick, but they can’t be super thin either. There is a very small range of thickness that I find acceptable in socks. This is my biggest sticking point.

When I find socks that meet all my points listed, I will buy multiple packs of them. I know being this picky about socks is insane, and I’m pretty embarrassed to admit how picky I am about them.


What about you GT? What clothing item are you picky about?

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