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Welcome To The Bitchery

The news that Hodor and Bran's plotline will not be in the next season of Game of Thrones has brought much rejoicing because even thought everyone loves Hodor (HODOR!), Bran is objectively-speaking the worst. There's no worse feeling than turning the page to a new chapter and seeing "BRAN" in big letters. But that raises the question of who has the best chapters? [Potential spoilers maybe?]


1. Arya

2. Brienne

3. Jaime

4. Tyrion

5. Nedd

6. Sansa

7. Jon

8. Catelyn

9. Sam

10. The assorted people in Dorne

11. Cersei

12. Davos

13. Daenerys

14. Theon

15. All of the other Greyjoys

16. The rest of the minor character

17. The epilogues

18. The prologues

19. The glossary of the bajillion characters with all the same names

20. The blank pages left over at the end of the book

21. Bran

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