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The problem with cheap lipsticks

Which is not, as you'd think, a less nice formula (though this is sometimes true, too) but that the packaging is so shitty.

I bought this one yesterday, after trying (and not buying) a lovely, lush Lancôme lipstick (Rouge In Love #107!) I went to the drugstore to find a cheaper lipstick in the same color. And I found one! It's NYC expert last in traffic jam. It's super pretty and quite close to the Lancôme color I liked. I was quite happy with this purchase.


UNTIL EARLIER TODAY! After eating brunch with relatives I grabbed the tube to reapply, and guess what? The cap had fallen off! And since this cheap lipstick does roll down, the mess was spectacular.

Could have been much worse, sure, but this was a new purse with barely anything in it. Thank goodness for that.

I've had this same problem with other cheap lipsticks I've used (I'm looking at you, Wet n' Wild!) and it makes me want to swear off cheap lipsticks entirely. Yet, at the same time, I need to look good on a shoestring budget. Such a quandary.

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