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Which is the cooler sister?

Who's your favorite Knowles sister?

Which Kardashian is the hottest?
Winona or Ashley?

Emily or Zooey?
Kate Mara or Mara Rooney?

Ladies and gentlemen, the answer is:


Cruising through my guilty pleasure, the daily Dirt Bag, I happened upon a series of innocuous seeming comments. "I like Solange Knowles better." I'm paraphrasing here, but she's prettier, she's more stylish, she's cool, and it seems like her taste is less commercialized and more her own. Maybe the word unique was used.

What followed was a cold sweat of rage. Who are these people? Do they know the Knowles sisters? Is there a prize? Does the fate of the world rest on choosing just one Knowles and eradicating the other?

If so, evaluate away.

Look, I'm not trashing celebrity culture, here. I was in Dirt Bag. We all like to read about what those crazy famous people do - but it's semi-devastating to see that in a story where the Knowles sisters were not-doing something together, the take-away was still, "Oh, Solange is totally the best one."


Almost all of the comments were valid. Solange Knowles is a beautiful woman. I like her music, and I wish I had half the fashion savvy she brings to her outfits. I thought those colors and patterns would clash, but girlfriend looks fierce!

But have we, as a collective, not reached the point where we can like all of these things - and maybe, yes maybe, not admire her sister as much - without comparing them to one another? It's bad enough that society views women as being in direct competition with one another, even when they're just going about their day to day lives. Why do we, as women, have to pit sister against sister?

Katy Perry vs. Rihanna, ok .... From a feminist standpoint, that's problematic. At the end of the day, though, they're both "musicians" and they have semi-similar target demographics, so there might be some element of competition there ... But to turn an actual familial relationship into a rivalry? The Knowles both sing, but different styles and to different audiences.

And in this story, they were attending or not-attending their father's wedding. Sister things: not music things. Sister things. It's ... not the same.

Do you have a sister? It's supposed to be a bond unlike any other and hearts, flowers, puppies, and unicorn goobers, right? We all know, there's some sibling rivalry and some other stuff boiling under the surface in a lot of sisterly relationships.

I have a sister. We have very similar personalities, but with totally different interests and values. It's nuts. Half the time, it's like cats and dogs. The other half of the time, it's like a mid-nineties Olsen movie.

She's the pretty one.

Does that seem out of place or irrelevant to you, too? That's because it is. My sister is better looking than me. She's also friendlier and less awkward in social situations. Do you know when that's important? When we're both contestants in Miss America. Until then?

Let's appreciate - or not appreciate - each celebrity on their own merits, and maybe leave their famous siblings out of the equation.

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