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This is a silly distraction but I am actually torn between the two. I like to get crazy Japanese nail art done for holidays and events and this year I’ve found a really great place that literally made my dreams come true when they managed to hook me up for my cruise with some mermaid nails that looked like this (not my fingers):

So I’ve dug around and looked a bit for some fun nonsense for my nails this season and I’d like to either do this Christmas presents/ultra festive look:


Or this kinda snowy sparkly Christmas tree look:

My younger sibling has suggested that I combine the two in some way, like doing Christmas trees on my thumbs instead of the giant bow. Frankly I kind of agree with her because that giant bow looks precarious and like it would snap off if I tried to pull on a tight pair of pants.

And before anyone tries to advise me to not get gaudy Christmas nails: this is my thing, I really enjoy it, everyone in my life knows about my gaudy nail habits, it’s appropriate for work, yada yada yada. Basically don’t try to advise me to not get gaudy nails because I’m getting them regardless.


Post some other gaudy Christmas nail ideas that you think might be fun :)

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