My 7 yr-old niece:"Well, none. I guess if I had to pick one then that old Pickle guy." (Colonel Pickering)

Why? "Well he treated her nice and I liked his voice. That Professor was mean, and that Freddy guy was really dumb." All true.

How do you feel about Eliza ending up with Professor Higgins? "She'll probably still get to hang out with the Pickle guy, so I guess it's all right. But I think they'll fight a lot. And sing a lot."

How do you feel about her giving up her dream of being a Lady in a Flowershop? "She never even acted like she liked flowers. And why did she want her birdcage? She didn't even have a bird! And when she left with Freddy she didn't take her birdcage with her again, so I don't think she really liked that, either." Strong points.

So there you have it,folks. I absolutely, 100% agree with her.