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Which series should I read?

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I don't read a lot of series, probably because I have no discernible pattern in my reading. But I want to try one of the ones out there.


Song Of Ice And Fire
Pros: everybody is talking about it, plus it's I Claudius meets Lord Of The Rings.
Cons: all the rape and everyone you like being killed.

The Vampire Chronicles
Pros: actual sexy vampires plus history
Cons: everything I've read suggests that Rice lost the plot after about book four.


The Dark Tower
Pros: fantasy in a semi-Western setting
Cons: i've heard King goes a little overboard with the metafiction stuff at the end.

The Inheritance Trilogy (NK Jemison, not Paolini)
Pros: a woman of color writing fantasy! Plus a unique setting
Cons: i don't know anybody who's read them.

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