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Adorable Baby Tigers Will Have Swim Test on Wednesday you can watch them on Tigercam now

While the National Zoo's panda cub has stolen most of the attention this fall, a different pair of newborns will get their chance in the spotlight Wednesday.Both of the zoo's Sumatran tiger cubs will be on display for their swim test, an evaluation they'll need to pass before zookeepers allow them out into their habitat.Zoo officials also announced that they've named the tiger cubs - the male cub has been named Bandar, while the female has been named Sukacita.The test is an especially important one for the 13-week-old cubs after a Sumatran tiger cub at the London Zoo drowned in a pool in its outdoor enclosure in mid-October.

The tiger cub won't make their public debut until Nov. 18 but the pair is visible on the zoo's TigerCubCam.

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You can spend your days at the TigerCubCam, watching them frolic, rather than playing Candy Crush. They are likely spending time being adorable, eating food with their tigery teeth, cleaning themselves in a tigery way and playing as young tigers do. You will tempted to be like "I WANT ONE AND WILL GO AND VISIT AND BREAK INTO THEIR CAGE AND CUDDLE THEM." But give them time and they'll bite your arm off. In a tigery way.

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