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I am a Nova Scotian and black so while this nice and all it certainly doesn’t make up for the shit that Black Nova Scotians have been through or continue to endure. Also where is the love for Portia White, George Dixon, George Boyd, George Elliot Clarke hell Rocky Jones. I know this was about a woman on currency and all but Viola always get trotted out because the white people like her. Halifax even named a ferry after Ms. Desmond. I’m not saying she isn’t a wonderful example of strength and leadership I’m just saying our heritage worth greater mention. Black Canadians are only marginally above Natives in terms of representation and inclusion.


Sidenote, my Grandfather went into a whites section of the movie theatre in his hometown - a 6+ tall black man - and when the usher tried to move him he declined so they let him be because the white folks didn’t want to mess with him. Haha, I’m so proud.

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