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Whimsical Office Space?

I have a new adjunct gig.

I don’t really want to go into specifics, but I will say that it has the potential to be a really good opportunity for me and feels, for a change, like a healthy development. For instance, they have given me a gorgeous (by academic standards) new office which is clean and well-lit and generally a place which feels like it was intended for human beings to spend time in. My old office was not well-lit, had a moldy ceiling, and mushrooms grew above the door.

We’re still on a super tight budget, but I want to celebrate with a few small whimsical purchases like this and this. And a kitschy mini-fridge for long day healthy snacks. (I will not actually be purchasing this particular one as it is exorbitantly priced but I love the retro feel.)

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What else makes your work space feel like your space? How do you claim a space on a budget? Bonus points for animals and color.

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