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I am a privileged spoiled brat. I'm aware of this but I still need to whine. Do you? Then please whine with me!

I have had 3 Christmas outings so far ((Christmas eve : parents, brother, boyfriend. 1st day of Christmas: larger family, my aunts, uncles, potluck dinner type thing, boyfriend stayed home. 2nd day of Christmas: boyfriends parents and brother, which takes us about a 2hr drive to get too, I have a licence) all of these outings have been super fun! But I'm pooped and just hating today.

1. I started my period.

2. I'm pms-ing like crazy! (Had anyone experience going off the pill and suddenly turning into a monster?)


3. I got one double gift (a Nintendo 3ds). I wanted this super bad because I wanted to play a particular Zelda game! Today we went to return the double and buy the game. Long story short: an hour and a half trip and 20 bucks extra later, I now have 2 consoles and 0 games I want to play. Which makes me want to cry and also punch myself in the face.

4. I have to do a 1.5 hr workout today! (I'm there now..)

5. I have another Christmas party tonight with boyfriends ex housemates. And this is a party. Although there will be good food there will be no sitting down and lot's of drinks (and some drugs for those inclined). I don't want to go because I'm in a mood but I can't bow out now.

6. I've had a cold (sore throat, headache, stuffy) all week and it's not going away

Now you go! Complain away!!

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