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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Whine Time

This is not a holiday I give a shit about, but holidays are always a good time to whine, so feel free to add yours below.

1. I am so freaking stressed. I have a stack of grading to do, am in the last 1.5 weeks of my MBA class before I take a program break, and start started a negotiations class, and it’s all too much all at once (which is why I planned the break in my MBA program). My five-day work week is effectively a six-day work week for the next five weeks, I have been stress-eating everything, and my once-a-year stress-induced cold sore has now turned into a twice-a-year stressed-induced cold sore, though I thankfully had drugs from the last time sitting around, so I think I am ahead of that problem.


2. My first negotiations class was interesting, but it only confirmed what I knew going into it (and why I signed up for it in the first place)—I suck at negotiating. The problem is, I don’t have the confidence to ask for what I want, my general instinct is to trust people, and I don’t like feeling foolish. I know this class is going to be valuable for me, but I’m going to feel uncomfortable every second of it, and I hate that.

3. I’m trying to finish my last paper of my MBA class early, but I need my instructor to answer a question to do that, and he hasn’t. I fucking hate online classes for this reason. GIVE ME MY ANSWER SO I CAN MOVE ON. (Otherwise, he’s been a good instructor, though).


4. I hate working on group projects and having high expectations because I do extra work double checking all the work, making sure citations are correct, grammar checking, rearranging work, asking for clarifications, and otherwise making the paper at least marginally Masters-level worthy.

5. I’m just tired all the damn tired.

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