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Whine whine whine

You guys, I found the most adorable pair of shoes, and they don't exist in my size! Wah! I'm going to whine about this! The leather was so buttery and they were so cute. They even fit with my orthotics. But the size up is definitely too big to the point I'd probably turn an ankle again (and my ankles are not up to that right now), and the size down would give me ingrown toenails. I've even searched the internet, and they are not available to me.

On the bright side, I've found a brand of shoes likely to fit my feet that the local shoe shop carries. They're well constructed, and even the dressy high heels have insoles that can be removed and replaced with orthotics if needed. I can not emphasize how important this is to me, because my feet are not only fucked up as hell, they are a really hard to fit shape.

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