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Whines. Itemized

I am super tired. Woohoo second jobs. So I'm going to whine for a bit. Feel free to offer me cheese to go with it.

1. I was driving down a busy street, and a baseball randomly hit my new car. It left a mark. Not cool.

2. I'm tired. And I have to work tomorrow.

3. Comcast is a bitch. I have a Brand New Modem And It Still Doesn't work. And I don't have an tech appt until Friday. And since I'm really tired, I got rude-ish with tech support and told them to notate my account that if I got another company to provide me service before their tech visit, I would be cancelling my service with Comcast. I hate being rude w/ tech support.


4. Apparently my new phone has weird capitalization and auto correct tendencies.

5. My washing machine is leaking. I really hope it just needs a filter clean. I don't think I Can Deal With More Repair needs.

Stupid random capitalization

Whine away.

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