I have now been on hold with the Post Office 30 minutes. They said a 12 minute wait. I’m not giving up and I’ll be pissed since it just turned 5pm if they clear their queue and disconnect me.

On Friday the mailman tried to deliver my package but for some reason it needed a signature (usually not needed from the company I order from) so he left a notice card. Friday night I went online and had the package rescheduled for delivery on Monday. I placed the signature card on my door. No package on Monday. No package on Tuesday. No package on Wednesday. Note is still flapping in the wind on my door. After going through the awful phone tree I finally got put on hold for an agent. Still holding. I just want my items 👿 !

And of course in my irritation and hangry-ness I totally over ordered from Pizza Hut. They were late. I was grumpy.

No, prerecorded woman, the USPS is not a fast reliable way to send mail.

Please. Whine with me?

Update: Finally talked to an agent after 35 minutes, she doesn’t know where my package is but issued another redelivery for tomorrow. Let’s hope it arrives!


I am now diving into my two foot long pizza...for one person ☺️