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I swear, now that I'm getting divorced everyone is getting married. In the past six weeks, just as many couples I know have gotten married and it's all over facebook and I'm over here like:

I know I didn't want to be married anymore (or probably ever again) but it just gets me in the heart feels for some reason.


Great White Buffalo will henceforth be known as...FHF. It stands for Fuck his face. FHF is possibly the weirdest human being ever. He sent me a text yesterday after two days of radio silence that said "I want to fuck you." Which is kind of normal when we communicate, but I was pissed so I responded with "Random, but appreciated." I knew he wanted to sext or facetime or something and I just was not in the mood for his bullshit. I guess he's going to be around this weekend and wants to hang out Sunday, but we'll see. While I do like having sex with FHF, I just don't know if I'm ready after the incident that happened and FHF pisses me off. Then late last night he sent me a picture of his new bandana headband thing (he's got long hair), and I was like "That's cool dude." Boys are weird, I don't like them.

Also I pissed off former bitchy roommate, which turned out to be very effective in making ex-husband stop talking to me. Two birds, one feminist facebook reply to complete garbage.

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