Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So a few days back a friend and I had plans to go to restaurant A at 6:30 today.

At 2:30 I get a text saying a few of her cousins are coming with. Awesome, I’ve known them for years and they are nice people.

At 5:15 I get a text “Change of plans, everyone wants to go to restaurant B. Is that okay?” Except restaurant B has nothing on the menu I can eat because of my food allergy.


So let’s be real. There are 2 options here. Either person with allergy doesn’t go, or other people change plans to accomodate.

I reply that I can’t eat anything on their menu because of my allergy. She texts “well shit.” I reply that if everyone really wants to go there, I don’t have to go to dinner with them.

Then I get “well now I feel bad” and I have to be all “don’t feel bad, it’s okay.”

And then 20 mins of nothing. I was kinda thinking maybe there would be a side communication between her and them? And that I would get a text along the lines of “let me check with them and see if they want to go to restaurant A instead.”


So at 5:40 I finally text back that I’ll just take a raincheck and I get an “okay” with a sad smiley face.

I’m moderately annoyed that 3 other people just changed our plans. I’m more annoyed that rather than ask them if they would change plans, it was just on me to bow out and then reassure her that she doesn’t need to feel bad about it.


Anyhoo, it’s 6:38 and here I sit eating leftovers.

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