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Whining and bonus Cumberbatch

It was a beautiful, beautiful day here. Sunny, in the 70s, leaves changing. This is my favorite time of year, my favorite kind of day.

And I've been sick, massively sick, all day.

I woke up lightheaded and nauseous and I blorked first thing this morning.

The whole day's been miserable: when I was upright, I was lightheaded and dizzy. When I laid down, I felt better and energetic, which made it hard to read or sleep. I'd lay down for a few minutes, only to sit back up into sicksville.


To top it all off, I was grumpy with Homey this morning (he kept telling me to go to sleep after I kept telling him I can't sleep; finally, I gave him a dirty look and said, "I cannot sleep... like I've told you... three times already.") And he's been giving me the silent treatment the rest of the day.

I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow but I'm so sad to lose a beautiful day like this. :(

Now, I'm swaddled on the couch watching Parade's End. Have y'all seen it? I'm in the 2nd episode and so far, so good! Cumberbatch, feminism, awesome scenery and beautiful costumes? Y'all should check it out!

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