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Whiny writing woes

I want to write!!!

But, the kid has been home all week. I cannot concentrate when someone is interrupting my thoughts every three minutes with “Moooom!!!” Next week, we have a doctor’s appointment for finalizing the ADHD thing or rather, getting the first of our referrals. Then, I have to get the tire on the car changed. Then, I have to grade papers. Then, I have to ... then I have to ...

I am DYING to write. I sort of began to enjoy the hell out of it. And I want to finish the book by the end of the month. Halp!!!!


Okay, I don’t really need help, but just to complain that sometimes adulting gets in the way a bunch. But, after I finish this fictional book, I need to start working on a professional book. I have got to get some time to myself, my friends.

Tell me the ways you create time for yourself when you have kids, other responsibilities. (I guess a little advice would be good.)

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