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Whiskey Business--Does Size Matter?

No, not that. No, not that either.

As I was making pancakes this evening, I realized that the implement of destruction that we have the most versions of in our kitchen is likely the lowly whisk. And that’s my fault. I am incredibly picky about whisks, and while Spouse and Children have suggested alternatives, my favorite remains a very small wire whisk:


(For reference purposes, that’s a standard letter-size sheet possessing the first recorded version of the 30-year-old “The M-S Pancake Recipe,” original intent version prior to substantial revisions, along with a couple of other things). OK, it’s no longer 8.5"*11", but you get the idea.

What I prize in this little whisk is, I think, rigidity. It doesn’t flop around when beating pancake batter. It feels precise.

What are your whisking preferences, and why?

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