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White boy got jokes

Lol this shit is ridiculous but I am still laughing.

I was at work the other day and I had to go drop off some cash to one of our customers, and I was wearing my beanie because it was cold. There's this guy there I've talked to a few times but I still have to look at his nametag because I don't know him that well.


He looks at me and he's like, Hey roma, what's with the gangsta hat? And I say, It's really warm....?

And then he says, in his best Slowpoke Rodriguez voice, Yeeeah, ese! Vatos locos foreeeeverrrr!

LOL WAT. So I was really confused because 1) I didn't know beanies have a gangster rap, and 2) Why did he say that? If he can tell I'm Hispanic wouldn't he, like.... Not say THAT? 3) Do beanies make me seem browner? 4) Are beanies associated with Hispanic/Latino people in some way I don't know about?

Anyway, I am laughing at this still because it's fascinating all the different ways people have used to let me know that they know I'm not white. Or at least, not quite white.


Also, I know this guy is basically Not That Bright and I'm hella over-analyzing. Cuz that's what I do.

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