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White Conservatives Boycotting Ebony Magazine Because Racism [UPDATED]

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As you may have heard, Ebony is dedicating its September Issue to Trayvon Martin and fatherhood, in the form of four separate covers featuring Trayvon's family, and various other black male celebrities and their sons.


MOST people are ecstatic about this. It shows an awareness for how deeply this case and its not guilty verdict has affected minorities in the US (and abroad) and the importance of continuing the conversation.


But then there are racists. And racists are not happy. You see, racists think that these covers are in fact racist, and they have decided to boycott Ebony Magazine. Which is HILARIOUS.

As Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie so eloquently says:

White people talmbout they’re boycotting EBONY is like me saying “I WILL NOT PAY MY COUNTRY CLUB DUES!” That will have as much impact as me saying I’ll never shop at Whole Foods again. No one curr! They can go have ALLL the seats.


I honestly can't even be mad because this is so hilarious. You cannot boycott something you never use, can you? White people not buying this magazine means that Ebony's net profits this month with likely be EXACTLY THE SAME.

I honestly cannot get over the fact that white conservatives spend their LIVES denying actual proven instances of institutionalized racism in minority communities, but then whine about racist tanning bed taxes, and magazine covers. This cover is apparently racist because.... they put black people on the cover of a magazine whose primary audience is... black people?


I just can't.

But there are fun times ahead. Black Twitter is here to save the day.

Brokey McPovertykicked off the #BackwardsBoycotts hashtag and hilarity [ensued].

I would encourage you to check out some of the tweets.

[Image via Awesomely Luvvie]

ETA: This was Ebony's response. Clearly I need to find a way to get this magazine delivered to my front steps.


Update: According to Gawker, this boycott isn't actually a thing, in that there are no actual sources saying that it was planned. So, YAY I guess? I'm glad they aren't that daft, but I think it says a lot that this is not at all unbelievable behaviour from them. I guess it is just racist tanning beds after all!

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