So this happened not far from my house on Monday. I live in the neighborhood over, and this story just started hitting the local news this weekend.

Ok. So. This is horrible, obviously. If the situation happened as the story says it did, then I feel awful for the couple involved. I hope they recover fully and I hope the kids are held accountable (once again, assuming the events occurred as the story says they did).

But please, let's not turn this into a "see! Racism against whites is totally a thing!" narrative. Yes, the kids were yelling "racial slurs" (because "cracker" it completely on the same level as the N-word). Yes, the kids were PoC and the couple was white. This ONE event does not mean that there is systematic racism across the board against white people. But of course, people will use it as such.

It has already been shared on my newsfeed twice, one time without commentary and the other share had this along with it:

Lmao. I wish race wasn't mentioned in the article just to amplify the point that the group attacked the guy because they were impeding his right of way.


Which, ok.

So I'm waiting for the influx of racist comments.

ETA: I want to make it clear that I'm not casting doubt on the victims in this case. I realize now that it may have come across that way, and I'm sorry. I am, however, casting doubt on the NYPD and the "journalists" in NYC. Those are two groups of people I do not trust.