In a piece for Salon, Mary-Alice Daniel breaks down the history & construct of whiteness in the US. It's an important read.

As a bonus, she also provides us the best ever response for white pride or white history month should never ever be a thing:

This comprehension of whiteness could also dissuade many white people of such detrimental and pervasive racial notions, such as, "Why is black pride OK but white pride is racist?" If students are taught that whiteness is based on a history of exclusion, they might easily see that there is nothing in the designation as "white" to be proud of. Being proud of being white doesn't mean finding your pale skin pretty or your Swedish history fascinating. It means being proud of the violent disenfranchisement of those barred from this category. Being proud of being black means being proud of surviving this ostracism. Be proud to be Scottish, Norwegian or French, but not white.

If you stop at this quote, you're doing yourself a disservice. Read the full article.