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Yesterday the media ban got a lot of coverage, but as most of us know there was an important story not talked about nearly as much - the White House asking the FBI to report falsehoods about their Russian investigation. Trump asked them to report that there hadn’t been any connection between his campaign and Russia found, even while investigations are ongoing. The FBI turned them down. And this was news for a hot second before the media ban happened. I do think a big reason for the media ban was so that they couldn’t ask questions about this. So in a way it was another attempt to bury this story.

I don’t blame people for focusing on the media ban at all (I did), cause it’s an extraordinarily bad sign for our Democracy.

But these are the times we live in, and one whole day has passed and more has developed in the FBI/White House story. I think both these things are very important, and so far I’m seeing a lot of media coverage on them, but not a lot of talking about this other attempt by the White House to spread propaganda. So let’s catch up on that now.


It’s come out that the White House has talked with congressional members about rebutting the Russia connection as well.

The Washington Post first reported on Friday that the White House turned to senior members of the intelligence community and Congress to rebut the news reports after the FBI declined to do so publicly.

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says he has “grave concerns” about what role the White House played in seeking help from members of Congress and the intelligence community to rebut the story.

“I have called [CIA Director Mike Pompeo] and Chairman Burr to express my grave concerns about what this means for the independence of this investigation and a bipartisan commitment to follow the facts, and to reinforce that I will not accept any process that is undermined by political interference,” Warner said in a statement.

So not only are we simultaneously dealing with a media ban/black-out. We’re dealing with a White House that is reaching out to multiple parts of the government, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies and asking them to openly lie to the public about this possible corruption.

These are two extremely important things, and both should be on everyone’s radar. If you don’t already have your reps programmed into your phone, now’s probably a good time to do that and get calling. On the bright side, it does seem like the persistent calls/protesting is working.

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